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A Comprehensive Guide About Pharma Franchise & Pharma Franchise Company

The Definition & Meaning of Pharma Franchise When a business or company gives authority to an individual or group to carry out a set of commercial activities on behalf of the former, then it is called a “franchise”. A franchise becomes pharma franchise when pharma companies engage in this business practice. Pharma Franchise denotes the arrangement between a pharma franchise company and pharma franchise partner/pharma distributor. The arrangement allows the pharma franchise partner to carry out commercial pharma activities on behalf of the pharma franchise company in the partner’s area of interest. The pharma franchise partner uses the proprietary information of the company such as its brand name, trademark, products, etc. to engage in product promotion, distribution, and sale.

How Does a Pharma Franchise in India Works?

A pharma franchise company uses the pharma franchise model to increase its business reach and expand its customer base. Whereas, a pharma franchise partner uses pharma franchise model to run a low-investment pharma franchise in India using the company’s brand and products. In this business model, a medicine franchise company purchases pharma products from pharma franchise manufacturer or makes its own products. It then gives pharma franchise opportunity to an individual or a group to promote, distribute, and sell the company’s products in the latter’s target territory. If the company has zero presence in the concerned area, it will give monopoly-based pharma franchise to the owner. This helps reduce competition and gives the pharma franchise partner an easy base to build a business. Even though the pharma franchise owner has the flexibility to run the business as per its own terms, it must comply with the parent company’s policies and values. Both- the pharma franchise company and pharma franchise partner must sign a pharma franchise agreement to commence the partnership. The agreement contains terms and conditions that both parties agree to.

The Scope of Taking Franchise from a Medicine Franchise Company

The Indian economy has risen dramatically over the last decade. The pharma industry accounts for a major portion of this growth. The industry aims to achieve a figure of USD 55 billion before the end of 2020. This indicates that the pharma industry is growing very fast and has business opportunities for all. The Indian pharma industry enjoys huge support from the Indian government that has made liberal policies to enhance pharma trade. The pharma franchise is a business area that offers good scope for growth and expansion. People who want to invest in the pharma industry can approach a top pharma franchise company and establish a top pharma franchise anywhere in India. The investment required to set up a pharma franchise business in India is very low, but the returns are good. If pharma franchise distributors have limited experience, they can still establish themselves as a top pharma franchise in India if they have the marketing skills. The top pharma franchise suppliers invite individuals to start pharma franchise anywhere in India depending on their location. Thus, a person can start a pharma franchise in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Punjab, Haryana, etc.

Difference between Pharma franchise & Pharma PCD

Although pharma franchise and pharma PCD are two different terms, people often use them interchangeably. Following are the points of difference between the two terms.

Investment Requirement

To start a pharma franchise in India, you need more investment. Whereas, a pharma PCD requires less investment.
  • Coverage Area
A pharma franchise covers a wide base with its operations. Whereas, a pharma PCD covers a smaller area.
  • Qualification & Experience
To run a monopoly pharma franchise, a person must have a minimum of 3-4 years of experience working in the pharma industry. Additionally, he/she must have a pharma degree. Whereas, you do not need a pharma background or experience to start a pharma PCD Companies. Great marketing skills are however necessary in both cases.
  • Sales Target
Pharma companies set sales targets for their pharma Franchise partners, whereas, pharma PCD distributors do not get sales targets.
  • Distribution Channels
A pharma franchise partner may use several channels of distribution for sale and distribution of pharma products. However, there are direct links between clients and PCD distributors.
  • Minimum Order
A pharma franchise must start with a higher minimum order. A pharma PCD, on the other hand, can start with a lower minimum order. What is Monopoly Pharma Company Franchise? When a franchise pharmaceutical company in India gives sole distribution s for product sale and distribution to a pharma distributor, we then call franchise a monopoly pharma company franchise. Monopoly pharma franchise distributors enjoy a complete monopoly in their area of operation giving them a strong hold over the area and less or no competition from distributors of the same brand. Benefits of Starting a Pharma Franchise for the Top Pharma Franchise Company Starting a partnership with the top pharma franchise suppliers has its own merits. A pharma franchise owner working for a top franchise medicine companyin India gets the following benefits.
  • A leading franchise pharmaceutical company in India gives the benefit of running a low-risk business. A pharma franchise needs less investment; hence the risk is low.
  • A top franchise medicine company in India gives pharma franchise opportunity all across India.
  • The best monopoly medicine company in India provides a wide range of pharma products and medicines.
  • The top pharma franchise companies in India offer the latest pharma medicines and products to their clients.
  • A leading monopoly medicine company in India gives exclusive monopoly rights for pharma promotion and distribution in the distributor’s area.
  • The best pharma franchise company in India will not give sales targets to achieve.
  • A leading pharma marketing company will not ask for a share of your profits.
  • The top monopoly pharma companies in India provide free promotional help and marketing support to their pharma distributors.
  • A top franchise-based pharma company lets you run the franchise as per your terms.
  • By associating with a reputed pharma franchise company, you can easily convince clients.

How to Start Pharma Franchise for the Best Pharma Franchise Company in India?

An individual must follow the steps below to start a franchise for pharmaceutical companies in India.
  • Conduct Market Research
Conduct thorough market study to understand the industry, the demand, supply, competition in the market, target audience, etc.
  • Create a Business Plan
Next create a business plan detailing your business objective, your long-term and short-term goals, vision, and mission, strategies, etc.
  • Determine Investment Scope
Investment is one of the most crucial factors in a pharma franchise business. Know your budget and have a backup plan ready in case of an emergency. Do calculations to ascertain the possible profit, profit margin you could earn with your pharma franchise business. Determine potential operating costs, overhead costs, fixed and variable costs.
  • Select Target Area
You must choose an area to run a franchise business. A pharma franchise business lets you cover a wide area, so choose wisely.
  • Study your Competitors
Analyze competition in your area and create strategies accordingly.
  • Get a Wholesale Drug Distribution License
A valid drug distribution license is mandatory for all pharma distributors. Submit relevant documents to your state license issuing authority and get a permit to run a pharma franchise.
  • Choose Your Pharma Products
Pharma franchise distributors can select any pharma products for their franchise. They can base their selection on parameters such as interest, product demand, supply, product rates, etc.
  • Choose the best pharma franchise company in India
Select a top pharma franchise company that has an impressive history, good marketing profile, good reputation, offer good rates, etc.
  • Promote your Pharma Franchise
Pour your heart and soul in advertising your pharma franchise business. This is crucial if you are new to the business and still struggling to make a place in the market.
  • Sign Pharma Franchise Agreement
The last step is to sign a mutually agreed pharma franchise agreement. The agreement must be signed by the pharma franchise owner as well as the pharma franchise company. Documents Requiredto Start a Generic Pharma Companies Franchise in India The pharma distributors in India must submit the following documents to avail pharmacy franchise opportunities in India. A distributor must submit these documents to the pharma company.
  • Application form signed by the candidate.
  • Cover Letter describing the objective of application.
  • Declaration form
  • Copy of License Fee payment receipt
  • Copy of the Site Plan
  • Office Purchase/Rental Proof
  • Partnership Deed
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Drug Distribution License/Permit
  • PAN
  • GST number
  • TIN
What is the Investment Required to Start a Pharma Franchise in India?
The investment required for a pharma franchise business in India can be broken down into 3 categories.
  1. Investment for Documentation & Licenses
This is a one-time cost that can further be broken down into the following components.
  • The wholesale drug license costs around Rs.5000. The cost is likely to vary in different states.
  • Income Tax Registration or TIN costs Rs.4500.
  1. Variable & Fixed Costs
These include investment towards
  • Utility Bills such as electricity, water, etc.
  • Salaries and wages to employees and labor.
  • Premises Rent
  • Furniture cost
  1. Investment for Emergency
Emergencies can happen anytime. Hence, pharma franchise owners must keep sufficient money aside for such situations. Pharma Franchise Companies in India Offering Pharmacy Franchise Opportunities for Vast Range of Pharma Products Apharma distributor that associates with the top pharma franchise company in Chandigarh will get a wide array of pharma products and medicines.A leading pharma franchise company in Baddi will give access to high-quality pharma products that are prepared by WHO, GMP, ISO certified pharma manufacturers. These pharma manufacturing companies use high-grade salts and material to prepare highest-quality pharma products. A dedicated quality control team carries out quality testing to make sure that the finished product adheres to international quality standards. Pharma distributors can take pharma franchise for specialty and generic pharma products and medicines.  The products are available in various dosage forms such as capsules, tablets, syrups, injectables, sachet, powder, protein powder, dry liquid, drops, oil, ointment, lotion, gel, soaps, conditioners, shampoo, creams, etc. Products like derma range, gynae products, orthopedic medicines, cardiac drugs, diabetic products, pediatric medicines, neurology range, critical care, gastric range, etc. are available for pharmacy franchise opportunities in India. These pharma products are spread across several therapy segments including ayurvedic, nutraceuticals, antibiotics, allopathic, antiseptic, etc.

Easy Tips to Select the Right Pharma Franchise Company in India

Regardless of whether you want to start an ayurvedic medicine franchise or a pharma franchise for antibiotics, you must partner with only the top pharma company in India. You must follow certain parameters that will help you choose the right pharma company for your franchise. Below we have listed those parameters to help you pick the top pharma franchise company in Uttarakhand and other cities of India.
  • A pharma franchise company that has genuine wholesale drug distribution license and other permits necessary to run the business is a leading company.
  • A top ayurvedic pharma franchise company has a good reputation, popular brand name and is respected in the industry.
  • The best pharma franchise company in Ahmedabad purchases pharma products from WHO, ISO, GMP certified pharma manufacturers.
  • The top monopoly pharma franchise company has the rights accreditations, awards, and endorsements.
  • The top pharma franchise company in Mumbai supplies highest-quality medicines and pharma products to its clients.
  • A reputed monopoly pharma company in Mumbai provides products that are approved by DCGI and FDA.
  • The best pharma franchise company in Gujarat gets positive reviews and feedback from its clients indicating that it provides good customer service.
  • A top pharma franchise company in Hyderabad has a robust distribution network that includes several hundred distributors spread across entire India.
  • The top pharma franchise company in Delhi gives exclusive monopoly rights to its pharma distributors in their target area.
  • A prominent franchise pharma company in Himachal Pradesh proved free marketing support and advertisement material to its pharma franchise partners.
  • The best Mumbai-based pharma franchise company offers a wide variety of pharma products and medicines.
  • A top pharma company ranked among the top 10 pharma franchise companies on the franchise pharma company list.
  • The best ayurvedic companies for franchise offer products at reasonable rates.

Franchise Pharma Company List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in India
  1. Alna Biotech
Alna Biotech is a leading pharma marketing companywith years of experience. The company has a vast array of pharma products and medicines including ayurvedic products. Alna Biotech gives out pharma franchise throughout India and invites pharma distributors in Mumbai, Delhi, etc.
  1. Mathis Pharma
Mathis Pharma is one of the top pharma franchise companies in India. The company has a nationwide pharma franchise program and gives pharma franchise opportunity to pharma distributors in Chennai and other cities of India.
  1. Soinsvie Pharmacia
Soinsvie Pharmacia is situated in Chandigarh. The company is a pharma franchise manufacturer of various pharma products including ayurvedic, antibiotics, allopathic drugs.
  1. Kumars Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Kumars Pharmaceuticals is a top medicine franchise company in India. The company has a good track record and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Dr. Kumars Pharmaceuticals invite pharma distributors in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, etc. to avail its pharmacy franchise opportunities.
  1. Ventus Pharma
Ventus Pharma is a leading franchise pharma company in India that supplies pharma products all over India. The company gives out ayurvedic medicine franchise and pharma franchise for allopathic medicines.
  1. Rosswelt
Rossweltis one of the best pharma franchise suppliers in India. The company is spread across various segments including critical care products, antibiotics, etc. and supports a network of several hundred pharma franchise distributors.
  1. BiomaxBiotechnics
BiomaxBiotechnics is a reputed medicine franchise company in India. The company has years of experience and supplies high-quality pharma products to its clients.
  1. Servocare Life Sciences
Servocare Life Sciences is a pharma manufacturing company and a pharma franchise company. The company is known for its specialty and generic medicines.
  1. H & I Critical Care
H & ICritical Care employs sophisticated technology to prepare highest-quality critical care medicines. The company is a top franchise pharmaceutical company in India. It offers pharma franchise for injections, IV, syrups, capsules, etc.
  1. Genesis Biotech Pvt. Ltd
Genesis Biotech Pvt. Ltd. has evolved as one of the top 10 pharma franchise companies in India. It engages in the supply and distribution of pharma products through a strong pharma franchise network. What is Pharma Franchise Agreement? A Pharma franchise agreement is a signed agreement between the pharma franchise company and pharma franchise distributors. The agreement contains terms and conditions agreed by both sides and according to which both parties must conduct business. The term of a pharma franchise agreement is one year; however, the company may renew the agreement if it chooses to. The following documents are required from a pharma franchise company and pharma distributor for a pharma franchise agreement.
  • A Stamp Paper
  • Rubber Stamp of Pharma franchise company and pharma franchise partner
  • 2 Witnesses
  • Name and address of the pharma franchise company
  • Name and address of the pharma franchise distributor
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  • Product Availability at all times.
  • The companies are WHO, GMP, ISO certified and supply DCGI approved pharma products and medicines.
  • You get a wide range of specialty and general pharma products and medicines.
  • The top pharma franchise companies in India offer pharma franchise opportunity throughout India.

Conclusion This is the right time to invest in your own pharma franchise business. Pharma franchise business is booming at this time and is bound to grow in the coming years. The business offers good returns on low investment, and thus, is a lucrative investment venture for new entrepreneurs. Choose the right pharma franchise company for business partnership, take the right steps, do the right calculations, and you are all set to embark on a wondrous journey marked with success and growth. If you have questions related to pharma franchise business or looking for the top pharma franchise company in India,
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